American University in the Emirates.

Pathway to Success. Nothing is Impossible.

American University in the Emirates.

Pathway to Success. Nothing is Impossible.

American University in the Emirates.

Pathway to Success. Nothing is Impossible.

American University in the Emirates.

Pathway to Success. Nothing is Impossible.

Resume Guidelines

There are many ways of presenting and describing one’s experience in a resume, however in order to facilitate the evaluation of your application, we have provided the following guidelines intended to assist you in presenting your qualifications and experience in a concise way:

  • Please register online or upload your resume in Microsoft Word or PDF format. Maximum length should be 3 pages and individual files should not exceed 1MB.
  • You will receive a confirmation reference number which you should write down and use in any future correspondence with AUE.
  • If you wish, you may upload or attach a High resolution passport photograph (head and shoulders) in JPG format. Individual files should not exceed 1MB.
  • Make sure that your resume addresses the requirements outlined in the job vacancy announcement and your qualifications and skills correspond accordingly.
  • Avoid listing only the job title or type of responsibility only. Outline the key accountabilities of your role and routine duties as well as any significant achievements.

Shortlisted Candidates

The timeline for recruitment often varies depending on the post and can often take several weeks from the closing date before shortlisted candidates are contacted for interview.


Interviews – What to Expect & How to Prepare

Whether in a face-to-face interview or by video conferencing, you will be interviewed by a recruitment panel which typically comprises a recruitment officer, a human resources representative, the relevant line manager and one or two other representatives from our company.

Generally interviews last for 30 to 45 minutes and cover your background and experience and the knowledge and competencies required to perform the job role through a number of questions. The interview process is intended to be a dialogue and an exchange, as well as an opportunity to present yourself to your best advantage.

Make sure you are well groomed and suitably attired.

Know the exact time and place of your interview, as well as who to ask for upon arrival. Prepare a short list of questions which are relevant to the position you are being interviewed for. Try to not answer questions with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ only. Try to answer fully and elaborate where appropriate. Use specific examples from your previous employment to demonstrate your capabilities and outline your achievements in a qualified and measurable way. Try to link your qualifications to the requirements of the position. Try rehearsing the interview with a friend. Above all, keep calm and don’t be nervous!



For certain positions within AUE, candidates may be asked to perform a written or practical test as part of the selection process. Candidates will be notified in advance of this requirement and a mutually convenient time and location will be agreed for the test to be conducted.


Fraud Alert

Every internet user must be aware that members of the public receive emails containing fraudulent employment opportunities. Please understand that at some point, we at AUE could be misrepresented by such an attempt and we offer this advice for your protection. Fraudulent employer e-mails often contain fake offers of employment requesting personal information or payment to process a job application or a payment to process your visa. No AUE business will ever request payment or fees for processing job applications.

If you receive an offer of employment which you are unsure of or think could be fraudulent, please contact


How can you recognise a fraudulent offer of employment?

Our email addresses always end in "" and our Recruiters will never email you from personal email accounts such as Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail.

All AUE job vacancies are advertised on our central career website so any job advertised ONLY elsewhere should arouse your suspicions.

We will only hire you if we have discussed a role with you by phone or face to face. Therefore, an offer of employment without any interview is most likely to be a fraudulent offer.

If you have never applied for a job vacancy with us, you should probably suspect you are the target of fraud if you receive an employment offer.

If you want to work with us, please apply on our central career website so you can be certain you're dealing with us.


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